JOINing USit

Curious to learn more? Stop by our general meetings, held every Tuesday in GSB 2.120 from 8pm-9pm. Your first two meetings are free. If you like what we do and want to continue to be a General Member, pay dues for a single semester or for the full year.

Membership in USIT is what you make of it. We don't have minimum attendance requirements or mandatory events. We give you the resources to have a great experience and allow you to decide how much or how little you want to participate.

Analyst Groups

Analyst groups are essential to the core learning experience of the organization. Members, typically underclassmen, join analyst groups at the beginning of the semester and are paired with a Senior Analyst in the Strategic Capital Group. Members can learn about important financial topics and ask questions in a small-team collaborative environment. Analyst groups serve as great preparation for joining specific funds within USIT or becoming leaders in the organization.

Analyst group signups are officially closed for the fall semester, but will reopen in the spring.

Pitch Teams

Stock pitches are the core experience of USIT. Teams of general members research, select, and present an investment they believe should be invested in our portfolio to the General Membership, who decide based on a majority vote on whether or not to invest. Sign up to join one at our check-in desk at our weekly meetings or by clicking the tab below. Worried you don't know enough? Nonsense, our pitch teams are led by seasoned USIT members who teach you along the way and make sure you don't drown in the work.

If you are interested in joining a pitch team, you can sign up at the next USIT general meeting.


On a regular basis, senior members teach long-form symposiums, open to all members covering technical topics such as "Discounted Cash Flow Modeling" and "Accounting 101" as well as career oriented topics like "Success as an Intern" and "Resume Review". These symposiums give a more formal classroom setting learning environment for USIT members that prefer an in-depth dive into a variety of financial topics.

Social Outings

USIT offers social outings to interact, network, and develop lasting friendships with your peers; be it through member dinners downtown, outdoor kayaking, picnicking and soccer, or even paintball. These are announced regularly in our mailing list or at general meetings.