Who We Are

USIT is overseen by its 7-member Board of Directors who manage the day-to-day operations of the organization. Each member brings to the organization an unique perspective that we believe contributes to USIT's success. Officers support the Board of Directors in their respective positions.

Our Team


Phoebe Lin
Plano, TX
BHP, Finance, Mathematics
Class of 2019

Phoebe loves exploring Austin restaurants and watching ABC comedies. As a Business Honors, Finance, and Math Junior, Phoebe has work experience in advisory / accounting, investment banking, and asset management. This past summer, Phoebe interned with Wells Fargo Investment Banking. She will be joining Evercore in New York this coming Summer.

Meenakshi Baddela
Vice President
Austin, TX
Finance, MIS
Class of 2019

Meenakshi enjoys writing poetry, traveling, listening to EDM, and is a huge fan of the NBA. She is currently a Finance Junior minoring in Management Information Systems with experience in private wealth management and is passionate about social finance.

Megan Tran-Olmsted
Director of Investment
Allen, TX
BHP, Finance
Class of 2019

Megan enjoys all things food (cooking, baking, and eating) as well as mountain trekking and road trips. Megan is a Business Honors, Finance Junior with experience in energy private equity and venture capital funding. She will be joining Goldman Sachs Energy Investment Banking this Summer.


Eileen Bau
Director of Marketing
Frisco, TX
BHP, Marketing, Plan II
Class of 2020

Eileen savors good music, bad puns, aesthetically pleasing fonts, and probably cares too much about her Instagram. She is a Sophomore majoring in BHP, Plan II, & Marketing and studied abroad in Buenos Aires, consuming a large amount of empanadas.

Usmaan Hasan
Director of Accounting
Plano, TX
Finance, International Business
Class of 2020

In his free time Usmaan likes to play soccer, boulder, and hunt for the best dessert shop nearby. Usmaan is a Sophomore pursuing a double major in International Relations and Finance.

Arnav Jain
Director of Technology
Austin, TX
BHP, MIS, Computer Science
Class of 2019

Arnav enjoys all sports (basketball and football, especially), watching superhero movies, cooking, and coding. Arnav is a Junior with experience in full-stack development, project management, artificial intelligence, and robotics. He will be joining Deloitte this coming Summer.

Rebecca Ortiz
Director of Operations
Grapevine, TX
Class of 2020

Rebecca is addicted to coffee and cafes, and the next stop on her travel bucket list is backpacking through South America. She is a Sophomore in the Business Honors Program and hopes to get her MPA.


Athena Zeng
Media Chair
St. Louis, MO
Class of 2021

Athena likes to play tennis, cultivate her Meat Man and Sirloin Review Spotify playlists, watch Michael Cera act, and tend to her dying orchid in her spare time. She is a Freshman in the Business Honors Program and hopes to study abroad this coming summer.

Ashley Liu
Analytics Chair
Memorial, TX
Finance, Plan II
Class of 2020

Ashley enjoys running and binge watching How to Get Away with Murder. She is a sophomore majoring in Finance/Plan II and hopes to pursue a career in investment banking.

Leela Brassil
Membership Chair
Allen, TX
Class of 2021

Leela loves to travel to new places near and far, Irish dance, listen to good music, and watch her favorite soccer team, Arsenal, occasionally win. She is currently a Freshman interested in pursuing a major in Finance and minor in Government.

Rhea Nelson
Logistics Chair
Austin, TX
Electrical Engineering
Class of 2021

Rhea is a freshman majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Business. He enjoys tennis, running, cooking, and traveling/exploring, and plans to study abroad in Spain this coming summer.

Jessica Huang
Technology Chair
Frisco, TX
BHP, Computer Science
Class of 2021

Jessica enjoys traveling, drawing, watching reruns of Friends, and laughing at terrible jokes. She is a freshman majoring in BHP and computer science and is looking forward to exploring her interests in artificial intelligence, algorithmic trading, and collecting funny socks.

Basel Cheema
Plano, TX
Unspecified Business
Class of 2021

Basel enjoys reading mystery novels, playing soccer, and eating increasingly esoteric foods. He is studying business, with an interest in finance, and economics. In the future, he hopes to work in some capacity that involves both finance and technology.