• If you are currently not a USIT member and would like to join next semester, please attend our info session on January 18th, 2018 from 7-8 PM.
  • Analyst group sign-ups will be opening up next semester. If you are currently not in an analyst group and would like to join one in the Spring, keep on the lookout for more updates after winter break.
  • USIT is ordering T-shirts! If you are interested, please venmo @TexasUSIT $9 and include your shirt size in the description.
  • Our last general meeting was on Tuesday, December 4th. If you are interested in joining USIT next semester, please fill out our interest form above. Additionally, if you only paid dues for the Fall semester or this will be your third meeting and you haven't paid yet, make sure you do at

Our Mission

To engage students in an educational and interactive atmosphere that promotes personal, occupational, and academic growth through active securities investing.

    Our Process


    Attend your first general meeting,  a symposium, or join an analyst group. There are a variety of programs to help students learn to invest, with or without prior knowledge. General meetings feature weekly market updates, portfolio discussions, and a lecture series on interesting topics in finance. USIT also offers monthly symposiums to help students further develop their financial skills and weekly analyst groups to learn in smaller, more collaborative setting.


    Apply your newly-learned skills to an actual investment pitch. Teams of general members work to select an investment, research its merits, and then pitch the investment to the rest of the general membership. If passed, the investment of their choosing will be added to the portfolio. 


    Begin to lead pitch teams, and build valuable leadership experience on our board of directors or in our Strategic Capital Group. Senior members pass along their knowledge and experiences to the next generation of USIT investors. Now you can go on to ace your finance classes, win national competitions, and land prestigious internships and full-time jobs.