Texas Charity Pitch

Texas Charity Pitch, or TCP, is an annual competition where teams of undergraduate students pitch a charity as they would pitch a stock. Students choose a charity and present its causes, finances, management, and effectiveness before a panel of esteemed judges. As the first major competition held by USIT, TCP allows students to build experience in pitching and researching -- all for a good cause. Winning teams will receive a donation to their charity of choice of up to several thousand dollars from our sponsors. The competition was held on October 28. For more information regarding TCP, please visit texascharitypitch.com.

Texas Stock Pitch

The Texas Stock Pitch Competition, or "TSP", is a chance for students who have practiced the art of investment research and presentation to show their skills to a panel of judges comprised of seasoned industry professionals from around the nation, representing investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, and more. Held once every semester, TSP gives the UT student community the chance to develop their investment research and pitching skills by learning from professionals that have made a career out of doing so, not to mention a chance to earn up to several thousand dollars in prize money. Scheduled to occur in March.

Texas Shark Tank

Texas Shark Tank (TST) is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial case competition hosted by the University Securities Investment Team and Convergent. TST gives UT students the chance to pitch a business idea to a panel of angel investors and investment professionals. Students will come up with their own business idea and develop a business plan/implementation strategy to pitch to judges. The format of the competition and prizes change from year to year. Scheduled to occur in April.